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Corporate Packages

Ready for some Team Building FUN!

We will tailor your package to suit your needs

We do cheese and wine packages that can be purchased online. They are suitable for 3 people, so if you have 10 people please order 3.  If your looking for lunch try Nineteen at Chateau Elan that’s at the end of our road or 4 Pines Resort. 

Packages are available on the web site to book and we look forward to hosting your special event.

The purpose of team building activities is to motivate your people to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses. So, any team building exercise should encourage collaboration rather than competition. Be sure to incorporate team building into your workplace routines and practices. 

Please note- If your a group under 15 we will put you in the same activity together. Groups over 15 will be split between activities

Choose the Package Deal for your team!